Marco gets an engine!

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For anyone who has ever missed a gear in anger, I hope you will have some sympathy for our Abarth Simca 2 litre, Marco!  I can personally vouch that going from 4th gear to 3rd gear when you really want 5th is a great way to increase crankcase ventilation, and especially when that happens on the pit straight at Monza.

The ensuing hole in the block meant that we have had to build what amounts to 75% of a new engine, using a fresh block from our friend John Crowson and as engineered by the late Alan Newton. The rebuild has taken 18 months, as we took the opportunity to get a fresh crank, rods and cams made to go along with the new block and sump, as well as fresh oil and scavenge pumps as they were also lost in the blow up.

The engine should be back in the car by mid-April and the car back together and shaken down in time for the first outing of the year at the International Trophy at Silverstone on the 18th May.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to have the head digitised and hope to make a short run of replacement heads later in the year, which should allow us to build up a spare engine (or two) so we at least have a spare in the garage for the next time…..

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